Entertainer, beauty brand founder, icon, fashion designer, and pregnant Mom Rihanna just celebrated her 35th birthday on February 20th. Her sex appeal and insanely gorgeous looks cannot be denied. Do you look like Rihanna? It’s unlikely, but I will share with you some amazing makeup tips that will make you look great after 35 and beyond.

What happens to your skin when you reach 35? In the skin, collagen production declines, causing a tauter appearanceBecause oestrogen levels decrease, the top layers of the skin don’t shed as regularly, making the complexion seem dull. Skin recovers from inflammation less easily; elastin breaks down faster and produces fewer hyaluronic acids. As a result, brown spots, forehead wrinkles, under-eye circles, and crow’s feet may appear more prominent.

Here are seven makeup tips for a more appealing appearance

  1. Take some time to focus on yourself

Since everyone is unique, self-care looks different for everyone. The following are some ideas: Walking strengthens your body’s major organs and boosts your immune system, as well as helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin to keep it healthy, promote collagen production, and stimulate the growth of new skin cells, so your skin looks glowing, and it keeps its youthful appearance.

In addition to strengthening major organs in the body, strengthening the immune system, and increasing blood flow to the heart and brain, walking by the water, and listening to its sound can restore your inner peace and wellness. Additionally, it promotes healthy blood flow to the heart and the brain and promotes healthier skin, which in turn helps cells regrowth. There is evidence that one glass of wine daily can improve skin elasticity, especially organic dry red wines.

     2. Cleanse your skin at night

Choosing a cleanser suitable for your skin type is the next step after removing your makeup. Even if the makeup has already been cleaned, it should be double-cleaned. Cleaning your face with a cleanser is imperative for removing dirt, excess oil, and impurities that accumulate on your skin during the day.

In the morning, your skin appears vibrant, refreshed, and radiant after cleaning it at night. Cleansing your skin and applying a night cream before bed will help prevent bacteria from spreading and prevent acne, resulting in a radiant and refreshed appearance in the morning.

 3. Look for skin-plumping makeup ingredients

Look for products that contain known plumping ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Additionally, these ingredients make makeup application easier and more appealing as well as promote healthy skin.

   4. Don’t wear mascara on the bottom lashes

Did you know that wearing mascara on the bottom lashes of the eye accelerates the aging process? Bottom lashes coated in mascara draw attention to lines, dark circles, and dryness under the eyes. The under-eye area stays fresh and youthful when mascara is left off the bottom lashes. Instead, try applying a soft-toned eyeliner to define the area at the bottom.

  5. Collagen Boosting treatments

As collagen-boosting therapy, microneedling should come first. It boosts collagen production while improving skin texture. The treatment uses a device with multiple tiny needles puncturing the skin at a controlled depth. As a result of controlled injury to the skin, the body produces more collagen and elastin, and scars, pores, and stretch marks are reduced. With its ability to stimulate the growth of new skin cell production, boost collagen, and plump the skin, retinol is one of the most popular and effective anti-aging ingredients available. Hyaluronic acid creams have also been proven to increase collagen levels when applied topically. Boost your collagen intake by adding some collagen powder to your coffee or drinksFish, specifically fatty fish like salmon and tuna, is another collagen-rich food. Additionally, these fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin.

Collagen can also be found in fruits and vegetables, although cooked fruits and vegetables will break down collagen more than raw ones. The vitamins A and C in spinach, kale, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes are essential for collagen production.

  6. Botox

 Botox is one of the most effective ways of preventing wrinkles before they appear and delaying their emergence.

Injections of Botox reduce wrinkles by smoothing them out, such as laugh lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, etc., which is the primary FDA-approved use of Botox injections.

 7. Speak positively

Look in the mirror and tell yourself I am beautiful every day, whatever it is you don’t like about yourself speak life into those areas for example if you feel like you have terrible skin look in the mirror and say my skin is radiant, clear, and beautiful over time you will see a drastic change in your appearance.

Written by: Venus Starr Hurst

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